Aris Ananta 


Aria Anata
Given name:                         Aris
Surname:                             Ananta

Country of nationality:        Indonesia
Country of residence:          Indonesia 

Mailing address:                 Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Indonesia, Depok,  16424, West Java, Indonesia

Email address:                 
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Telephone (Home):                           62-821-2269-7864

Telephone (Office):                           -

Highest degree:                                 Ph.D.
Year:                                                  1983
Institution:                                        Duke University, USA
Discipline:                                          Economics

Current employment/position:         Universitas Indonesia/ Professor

Previous employment:
1. Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore, 2000-2014/ Senior Research Fellow
2. National University of Singapore, 1999-2000/ Senior Fellow
3. Universitas Indonesia, 1995-1998/ Professor

Other honorary or professional positions:
1. -
2. -
3. -

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