APA Activities and Announcements

Lecture Series On National Population, Population Issues In Indonesia: Past, Present And Future | 15 June 2022 NEW

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APA Invited Session at PAA 2022 Annual Meeting 

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Lecture Series on National Population, India's Unconventional Demographic Change And Its Implications | 11 April 2022

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Call For Proposals To Form Scientific Groups

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3-5 August 2021

The 5th APA Conference (to be held virtually)

27 July 2021

Zoom links will be provided for participants successfully registered

14 July 2021

Last day for presenters in live sessions to submit files of 7-minute pre-recorded video. This is for backup use if there are technical issues during the live session.

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Forthcoming Meetings, Workshops, Seminars and Conferences around the Region

30 June 2022
Demographic Dividend and Silver Economy, MIPAA Side Meeting Bangkok UNFPA Asia-Pacific Regional Office [ONLINE]
1 March 2022
Lifecycle Approach to Population Ageing Using the National Transfer Accounts for Intergenerational Policy Advancement in Asia Pacific
United Nations Population Fund [ONLINE]
April-October 2021
ARI Seminar Series, Asia Research Institute (ARI)
National University of Singapore [ONLINE]
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