• 5th APA Virtual Conference

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Unintended Pregnancy among the Young: Correlates and Consequences

Keynote address: Teenage pregnancy in Thailand

                                             Dr. Kittipong Saejeng

I. Unintended pregnancy among the young: levels, patterns and correlates

1. Spatial variation and economic determinant of unintended children in India

                              Mukesh R. Raushan

2. Unintended pregnancy among adolescent women in India

Rajesh Raushan

3. Correlates of unintended first pregnancy among young brides of India

Biswabandita Chowdhury

4. Prevalence and sociodemographic determinants of unintended pregnancies among young women in four south Asian countries

S. M. Mostafa Kamal

5. Experience of unintended pregnancy among young married women in Nepal

Badri Dulal

6. Cohort analysis of unintended and unwanted pregnancies in Semnan, Iran

Hajiieh Bibi Razeghi Nasrabad

II. Risk factors for unintended pregnancy among married young women

7. Female youth and the risk of unintended conception

Paolo Miguel Vicerra

8. Early marriage as a risk factor for unintended pregnancy in Bangladesh

Sigma Ainul

               9. The impact of intimate partner violence and sexual coercion over unintended pregnancies of young women  in South Asia

                                               Enu Anand

III. Risk factors for unintended pregnancy among unmarried young women

10. Underlying causes and the allied implications of unintended pregnancies among adolescents: A case study of the Kalutara district of Sri Lanka

Indralal De Silva

11. Access to contraceptive among unmarried women aged 15-24 in India:

     Evidence from national survey

Garima Dutta

12. Foreign Domestic Helpers (FDH) in Hong Kong: A study on premarital pregnancies

Ahsan Ullah

IV. Abortion seekers, patterns, outcomes: unmarried young women

13. Mental situation and help-seeking behaviours of unmarried pregnant women who sought

                     induced about in three cities of China

Lou Chaohua

14. Reasons and influencing factors for delay in abortion seeking among unmarried women in

                      three cities of China

Yu Chunyan

15. The life experience of unmarried teenage mother in Thailand

Piyanart Sa-ngiamsak

16. Contraceptive use and intentions among unmarried and married young women undergoing abortion in Bihar and Jharkhand, India

AJ Francis Zavier

V. Abortion experiences among married young women

17. Unintended pregnancy among young women in Dhaka city: socioeconomic and gender


Lutfa Begum

18. The risk of unwanted pregnancy terminations among Iranian youths

Meimanat Hosseini

19. Unintended pregnancy and barriers to safe abortion access among poor and socially

     marginalized young women in Nepal

Prabhakar Shrestha

20. A study of the change in wife’s and husband’s characteristics affecting the induced abortion

     of the young Korean married women

                             Sung Yong Lee 

VI. Outcomes and consequences of unintended pregnancy

21. Does wanting the pregnancy matter in availing of antenatal, delivery and postnatal services

      by adolescent mothers in the Philippines?

Nimfa Ogena

22. Unintended pregnancy and its adverse consequences of maternal health care services

       utilization among young women of Bangladesh and their child health

S. M. Mostafa Kamal


Unintended Pregnancies and prenatal, delivery and postnatal outcomes among young


       women in the Philippines


Maria Paz N. Marquez