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News and Announcements 

APA Special Announcements

Announcement of th 4th Asian Population Association Conference Updated on 26/4/17

Congratulation to Professor Mohammad Jalal Abbasi-Shavazi, Director of the National Institute of Population Research (Iran) and Former APA President

APA Scientific Group on One-Belt-One-Road Strategy: Implication on Population Dynamics and Socio-Ecological ImpactsE

Job Vacancies

United Nations University, Japan: Scholarship for PhD programme - Institute for the Advanced Study of SustainabilityApplication Deadline 28 April 2017

UNFPA, New York: INTERNSHIP Programme at UNFPA Headquarters | Application Deadline 31 December 2017

Duke NUS Medical School, Singapore: Associate / Assistant Professor - Centre for Ageing, Research and Education | Until the position is filled NEW

Call for Abstracts/Papers

Call for absracts: International Conference on Applied Economics and Policy | Submission Deadline 30 April 2017 NEW

Call for papers: Asian Population Association (APA) Scientific Group on One-Belt-One-Road Strategy: Implication on Population Dynamics and Socio-Ecological Impacts | Submission Deadline 1 May 2017

Call for Papers: Journal of Population and Social Studies (JPSS) | Population and Social Issues  | Submission Deadline 31 May 2017

Call for Papers: International Forum on Migration Statistics | Submission Deadline 30 June 2017 NEW

Call for Papers: The 4th Asian Population Association Conference (APA) | Submission Opens 1 June 2017 | Submission Deadline 30 September 2017 NEW

Population Live

The head nurse in Manila's busiest maternity ward estimates that she has delivered 200,000 babies during her career. On a busy day, a hundred babies are born at the Jose Fabella hospital and women in labour lie four or five to a bed.

Anita Rani travels to the crazy crowded capital of the Philippines, to see how the countries of the developing world are facing a future with a rapidly growing population by following the lives of three different women.

Rosalyn, whose seventh child will have to survive on less than a pound a day; Rose, a middle-class mum who can afford the best care in the world; and Junalyn, on a journey out of the slums to a better life.Amid the drama of new life, Anita finds a story of economic growth and hope in Manila. Across the developing world, birth rates have plummeted, life expectancy has increased and young vibrant workforces are beginning to compete with the established economies of the West.